Tom Howard

Tom Howard is the celebrated author of twelve books, including his well-known memoir, Christ the Tiger, and Chance or the Dance?, of which Peter Kreeft has said:  "If I could have everyone in our culture read just ten books, this would be one of them."   Howard is widely known for his inimitable prose style.

Howard received his B.A. in English Lit. (Wheaton College, l957).  His M.A. (Univ. of Illinois, l965) and Ph.D (NYU, 1970) are in English Literature with a concentration in Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies.  Howard's dissertation was on C.S. Lewis's friend, Charles Williams.   Howard's critical study, The Novels of Charles Williams, is widely considered the definitive work on the subject.  A lifelong Lewis scholar, Howard visited Lewis at the Kilns in 1961.  Peter Kreeft has called Howard's C.S. Lewis:  Man of Letters, "without question the best book yet written about C.S. Lewis."

Howard has taught at boys schools in England and at St. Bernard's School in New York City.  From 1970-1985 he was Professor of English Literature at Gordon College in Massachusetts, and then at St. John's Seminary from 1985-1999.  Howard has since taught at the College of St. Thomas in Fort Worth, Texas, and at the Intil Theological Institute in Gaeming, Austria, a papal institute of graduate studies in philosophy and theology for students from former Soviet countries.

Tom has two grown children and, very recently, a grandchild.  His most recent book, The Secret of New York Revealed, a paean to married life and a memoir of New York City in the sixties, has just been published by Ignatius Press.  He and his wife, Lovelace, live in Beverly, Massachusetts.

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