Roger Scruton

ROGER SCRUTON is generally regarded as the most important living British conservative philosopher. But he is no stuffy academic: a prolific author, lecturer and wit, he has written over 35 books and is a frequent contributor to journals in the US and the UK, such as the Financial TimesThe New Criterion, and Harpers. Roger’s writings appear frequently in anthologies, including The Best Essays of 2007. He is (or has been) an academic, editor, publisher, barrister, journalist, broadcaster, organizer of the academic underground in Communist Czechoslovakia, a founder of The Conservative Philosophical Society, the intellectual incubator for many of Margaret Thatcher’s conservative reforms, countryside campaigner, novelist, and composer. A persistent theme in his work is his attempt to comprehend and defend the achievements of Western high culture and religion. In March of last year, Roger engaged in a celebrated public debate sponsored by the London Times with Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and AC Grayling on the topic, “Are We Better off Without Religion?” He has taught at Cambridge, the University of London, and Boston University. Currently, Roger is Research Professor at The Institute for Psychological Sciences in Washington, DC and a senior fellow of The Trinity Forum. His web site is:

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